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Virtual Office Ergonomics Program

A comprehensive solution enabling organizations to better manage ergonomic services, serve employees’ needs, and reduce costs.


Prevent issues from escalating to workers’ compensation claims.


Lower the number of claims due to better incident resolution.


Increase productivity and reduce costs by better managing workplace risks.

Coordinating ergonomics services for a distributed workforce can be challenging. Employees often do not know where they can find ergonomics support, and supervisors frequently lack the knowledge or time needed to help. As a result, employees’ ergonomics needs may not be timely resolved and may turn into workers’ compensation claims.

Our virtual office ergonomics program makes it easy to protect your employees from soft tissue injuries, whether they’re working from home or the office. From reporting to resolution, we leverage live support from our experienced consultants to deliver a comprehensive solution that enables you to reduce costs and better serve your employees’ needs.

How it works

The centralized intake and response process offers employees a means to have their ergonomic issues resolved in an efficient, timely, and consistent manner that follows industry best practices. It also provides management with a detailed accounting of employees’ concerns and how effectively they are being resolved.

We have helped our clients achieve their financial and total cost of risk reduction goals such as:
  • Immediate and significant cost savings, driven by earlier issue identification.
  • Reduction in the number of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) claims due to better incident resolution.
  • Reduction of costs associated with external consultants and traditional onsite ergonomics evaluations.

In addition to the virtual office ergonomics program, Marsh’s Advisory Workforce Solutions team also offers onsite visits, training videos, and other customized offerings designed to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes and situations. We bring a breadth of experience that spans industry sectors and provides the expertise necessary to help you effectively manage your office workplace risks.


Marsh Advisory Virtual Ergonomics Services

Reduce Risk with Ergonomic Principles


Our experienced ergonomic specialists guide your employees through a series of questions in order to understand their setup and equipment adjustability. We also request a photo of their workspaces and chairs prior to evaluations so we can properly guide them through the adjustments when completing the evaluation.

A virtual ergonomics evaluation takes approximately 30 to 40 minutes.

Marsh develops an approved equipment list for each of our clients. This list is aligned with our client’s budget requests, and we utilize their preferred vendors. Our team focuses on educating your employees on adjusting their current equipment and making improvements to their current setup. Many times, new equipment is not needed, just postural adjustments.

Marsh is not in the business of selling equipment; our main focus is providing the proper education and training with our evaluations. Many times, an employee will tell us what they need or want, and after we review their setup and make necessary adjustments, they realize the equipment they originally wanted was not necessary. We do not recommend products unless they are determined to be needed.

Our people

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Michelle Cruz-Hilgert

Office Ergonomics Manager

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