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Mexico political risk insurance and surety webinar

Watch the replay of Marsh’s Mexico political risk insurance and surety webinar to learn some valuable insights regarding the geopolitical landscape in Mexico.

Our political risk team based in the US has perceived Mexico to be a topic of great interest in speaking with our clients, a number of which have quite sizeable investments in Mexico and for some, plans underway to expand further.

Watch the replay and check out the key takeaways from our recent webinar to learn some valuable insights regarding the geopolitical landscape in Mexico, as well as to gain the necessary resources to better protect against some of the risks associated with the opportunities at hand.

Key Takeaways

  • Mexico has become the US's largest single trading partner, overtaking China in 2022 and Canada at the beginning of 2023. This development has been driven by a reduction in China’s share of US trade on the back of geopolitical uncertainty and US policy intervention, and Mexico benefiting from the resulting nearshoring trend.
  • The total nearshoring opportunity available to Mexico is estimated to be worth $35 billion per year in additional exports; roughly 7 percent of total current exports.
  • Mexico, however, has yet to meaningfully capture this unique nearshoring opportunity, as companies monitor political uncertainty ahead of 2024 elections in the Mexico and the US, and regulatory uncertainty in the country’s energy and mineral sectors.
  • Further, companies are coming into the Mexican market with the likelihood of working with unfamiliar contractors and suppliers – a Vendors Surety Program can assist in managing both performance and payment risks.
  • Membership in the USMCA and geographic adjacency to the United States are two key growth drivers for Mexican exports which will put a floor under nearshoring investment. How much of the remaining available investment Mexico captures will be determined in part by how trustworthy investors find Mexico’s new government and the future status of ongoing disputes between the USMCA trading partners.

Mexico political risk insurance and surety webinar

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