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The Journey of African-American Insurance Professionals

As the demographics of the US change, becoming more diverse in terms of race, ethnicity, socio-economics, age, and gender, the insurance industry’s executive and management ranks — from insurers to agencies and beyond — need to better reflect those emerging trends.

In a ground-breaking study, The Journey of African-American Insurance Professionals provides quantitative and personal insights into the significant deficiencies of opportunity faced by African Americans over many decades at leadership and other employment levels throughout the insurance industry.

Many assume that African Americans’ underrepresentation revolves around issues such as unconscious bias, a lack of C-suite executives who can “pull them up the ladder,” nepotism and favoritism in the hiring process, or a lack of connections. These are only pieces of a larger puzzle which the study explores in-depth in an effort to help insurers, brokers, individuals, and other stakeholders take action to attract, retain, and enhance the careers of African Americans in the insurance industry.

This study is aimed at companies within the insurance industry and the African American professional seeking to understand issues of inclusion and exclusion, address potential lost opportunities from not cultivating African-American and other diverse talent, and improve or solidify career prospects at all stages and all levels.

Download the full report below to learn more about the past, current, and future journey of African Americans in the insurance industry.

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