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Data and Analytics for General Aviation

Cutting-edge data and analytics for the general aviation industry enables your Marsh broker to benchmark, design, and deliver optimal risk management and insurance results for your program.

General aviation represents a diverse and complex group of risks, including aircraft from unmanned aerial vehicles to heavy jets. Based on our general aviation clients’ requirements, we developed a proprietary data and analytics platform to provide timely, data-driven market statistics and visualization tools.

By using anonymized risk information with cutting-edge market analytics, we provide a comprehensive review of your risk profile and evaluate it against different market conditions. Our data analysis will help us design a customized insurance program for you and identify areas to negotiate firmly with insurers.

Our data covers the general aviation marketplace in the US:

  • Over 1,500 anonymized aircraft results
  • Over 300 clients
  • All leading US insurance markets
  • Over 100 underwriters