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The Rise of Mass Timber - Episode 2

Many developers are choosing to build with mass timber in favour of traditional materials – to learn more check out the second episode of our new series, The Rise of Mass Timber.

From Forest to Frame: Shaping the Future with Mass Timber

Why are developers choosing mass timber over traditional materials?

Developers in England need to consider the environmental impact of their schemes. Not only do they need to meet their internal company sustainability goals, they also need to meet the demands of their prospective tenants and align to the targets of local councils and the Government. The latter has recently introduced a Timber in Construction Roadmap to smooth the pathway to building in the material.

The second episode of our podcast series – The Rise of Mass Timber – delves into the question: Why are developers choosing mass timber over traditional materials?

Kate Fairhead, Head of Mass Timber for Marsh Specialty Construction, sits down with Theo Michell, Director of Bywater Properties, to discuss the increase in popularity of mass timber projects and the decision to use mass timber in their build of Paradise SE11.

Theo and Kate explore the various benefits of using mass timber. Sustainability is a huge focus for all developers, though, in addition to discussing this in detail, this podcast episode recognises the other positives of mass timber in a project, such as funding, accelerated construction programme, and tenant interest. Studies have shown that wood has the ability to ‘reduce stress and boost productivity levels’ by ‘decreas[ing] cortisol’, therefore, creating a better atmosphere in the workplace and improving wellbeing, which employers are seeking for the offices.

Listen to this episode to learn more about the design journey for mass timber builds and the increase in refurbishment or expansion projects on existing sites as a popular approach to sustainably futureproofing the built environment.  

Stay tuned for the next episode which will offer some perspective on how construction insurers view mass timber projects – and deep dive into the insurance challenges and opportunities.

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About our speakers

Kate Fairhead

Kate Fairhead

Head of Mass Timber, Construction, Marsh Specialty, United Kingdom