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Asset Management

Asset managers face numerous risks from an uncertain regulatory environment and increasing reliance on technology to inflation and climate concerns. To be competitive and continue to attract investor capital, these risks must be addressed with an effective risk management plan.

Asset managers represent a significant segment of the financial services industry. However, the risks they face are unique from those of traditional banks and insurers.

Increased scrutiny from regulators and complicated operational risks are driving asset managers to evaluate their business continuity plans and vendor management programs as part of their overall business strategy.

Technology and automation play a key role in both investing and the delivery of shareholder documents. Faced with a more sophisticated customer base, asset managers must also consider digital assets such as cryptocurrency that present new challenges. The increased reliance on technology also requires an increased focus on cybersecurity. Already a significant problem prior to COVID-19, cyber threats have become even more prevalent, making it imperative to account for them when assessing operational risk.

As asset managers plan for the future, understanding environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risk and the resulting impact on investment portfolios will be key to maintaining investor confidence.

Marsh works with you to help keep pace with these evolving challenges. Our experienced Financial Institutions Practice specialists can help you mitigate risk and design and implement strategies to increase your business resiliency.