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Fintech Challenger and Disruptor Insurance

Breaking the mould of traditional insurance

Up to five policies in one

Marsh’s fintech challenger and disrupter insurance (CADI) is a new insurance product, crafted to meet the unique challenges faced by fintech companies around the world. Distinct from the traditional insurance products designed for banks and professional services firms, CADI provides an array of fintech specific features to suit the evolving needs of your organisation.

CADI can offer broad protection against:

  • Internal and external fraud, including social engineering.
  • Civil liability arising from the provision of professional and financial services, meaning that you do not need to purchase two separate professional indemnity policies.
  • Specific cover to address regulatory requirements such as payment services directive two (PSD2).
  • Cryptocurrency crime, covering digital assets in hot wallets and cold storage.
  • Directors and officers liability, whether your company can or cannot indemnify a director or officer.

CADI reduces the need to purchase multiple policies and allows you to tailor coverage for your exposure, driving cost savings.

Our experienced team work with many challenger and disrupter fintechs, and can therefore benchmark your programme to ensure it is competitive.

Who is CADI for?

Regulated financial institutions and fintech companies in any jurisdiction who have outgrown their current insurance programmes and need new solutions for the risks they are facing.


Payment processors


Digital credit companies

Quote aggregators



Buy now pay later providers

Challenger banks

E-Wallet providers

Digital banks

Digital wealth management

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