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Healthcare insights podcast series: Risk advisor of the future

Hear insights on the ever evolving healthcare industry and how you can reimagine risk assessment to adapt to the changing landscapes.

The healthcare industry is ever evolving, and so are the risks faced today. New approaches to reducing uncertainty and evaluating and prioritizing risk in the healthcare industry are continuously needed. Equipping a holistic approach to risk evaluation can help businesses discover innovative approaches to risk management in healthcare. Our podcast highlights insights from industry leaders as our speakers discuss reimagining risk assessment and adapting to changing landscapes while focusing on cyber-attacks, climate risk, the role of analytics, and technology.

This episode, hosted by Gisele Norris, features John Derse from Mercer, and Reid Sawyer from Marsh as they dissect the following topics:

  • Addressing changing workforce challenges in the healthcare space
  • Rethinking who should be leading risk conversations at healthcare organizations
  • Adopting a holistic approach to risk utilizing forecasting and analytics 
  • A case study highlighting the significance of a comprehensive and proactive approach to risk management in the industry.
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Our speakers

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Gisele Norris

US HealthCare Practice Leader

Gigi Norris is Marsh’s US Healthcare Practice Leader. Gigi’s responsibilities include strategic consulting and risk advice to some of the nation’s largest and most complex healthcare clients.

Reid Sawyer

Reid Sawyer

Managing Director, Head Emerging Risks Group, Marsh

Reid Sawyer is a Managing Director heading Marsh’s Emerging Risks Group and is the US Cyber Consulting Leader. In his role, he actively advises numerous senior industry leaders, boards, and government leaders with particular emphasis on cyber, geopolitical, and strategic risk issues. Prior to Marsh, he joined JLT in 2015 as senior vice president, after a 22-year career in the US Army.

John Derse

John Derse

Senior Partner, Mercer Healthcare Provider Industry Practice

John Derse is a Senior Partner and leads Mercer’s Healthcare Provider Industry Practice. His consulting is in the area of People Strategy which includes strategy, alignment/change management and workforce analytics and rewards providing clients with "end to end" strategic advice concerning the design, implementation and operation of human capital and the HR function.

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