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2023 Global Real Estate & Hospitality Conference

Join us for the 2023 Real Estate & Hospitality Conference to learn more about trending risk issues and risk management strategies.

Transforming Risk into Opportunity

The commercial real estate (CRE) market landscape is evolving at a fast pace, shaped by a challenging economic environment, shifting societal trends, and investor sentiment. Throughout 2023, the industry has grappled with uncertainty, partly due to a decrease in demand for office space, changing consumer behaviors, rising interest rates, increasing inflationary pressures, and a greater emphasis on sustainability.

Despite these challenges, there are significant opportunities for innovation and growth. Some sectors, such as logistics and warehousing, data centers, and mixed-use developments, present significant opportunities as growing companies seek expanded real estate footprints. To take advantage of this growth, industry leaders must adapt and respond to changing market conditions, strategize for the future, and embrace technological advancements.

Bringing together leading real estate and hospitality professionals from across the globe, the 2023 Marsh Global Real Estate & Hospitality Conference served as a platform for meaningful discussion on the latest risk-related trends and emerging threats, including:

  • Macroeconomic trends
  • Investment strategies, trends, and best practices
  • The state of the market
  • Trends that are reshaping the risk management landscape
  • The global property market

Featuring a variety of engaging speakers, the conference is designed to stimulate conversation and introduce attendees to resources and solutions to help organizations address critical issues affecting their risk management strategies and business operations

2023 Marsh Global Real Estate & Hospitality Conference Highlights:

  • Global Property Market Update Panel
  • Emerging Risks in Commercial Real Estate
  • Navigating the Changing Insurance Landscape

To check out the 2022 Marsh Global Real Estate & Hospitality Conference topics, speakers, and session recordings, please click here. For more information, follow #MarshREH on LinkedIn.

Global Property Market Update

From the increasing frequency of severity losses to inflation, rising interest rates and more, a confluence of factors continue to stress the property market. As insurance costs remain one of the largest operating expenses for real estate owners and operators, hear from leading industry experts on the underlying dynamics of the market, differences in this market cycle from previous hard markets, and options for the insureds to drive better outcomes.    

The Changing Insurance Landscape

From new technologies to changing regulations and more, many factors continue to transform and shape the future of our industry. To navigate this changing landscape and plan for the future, organizations must adapt, embrace innovation, and better evaluate risk. Sharing key insights on the changing insurance landscape and potential impacts on commercial real estate and hospitality businesses, hear from Marsh US CEO Michelle Sartain and Chubb Group President and COO John Keogh.

Navigating Risk Management

Building resilience – while driving innovation and growth – remains a top priority for real estate and hospitality businesses. Drilling down on the challenges and opportunities in identifying and managing emerging risks, effective risk management strategies, and the skills needed to become the risk manager of the future, get the inside track on how the risk management and insurance industry – and the role of the risk manager – continues to evolve and respond to increasing complex and hyper-connected risks. 

Emerging Risks in Commercial Real Estate

In today’s rapidly evolving commercial real estate landscape, investors, landlords, and tenants must employ proactive measures to keep pace – and keep ahead – of emerging risks. Bringing together experts from across the industry for a discussion on climate change, cybersecurity, alternative risk solutions, and more, this session took a deep dive into the most pressing risks faced by commercial real estate organizations today – and key strategies and solutions to better mitigate them.  

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