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Technology Industry Litigation

Where there is innovation and investment, disputes can and do occur.

The technology sectors drive innovation, intellectual capital, and industry disruption. Such innovations require a significant amount of upfront and ongoing investment, as well as protection of intellectual property and commercial interests. Companies ranging from start-ups all the way through to major technology conglomerates with more than US$100 billion in revenue, rely on these innovations to stay relevant, drive growth, and protect market share.

Aligned to this, the protection of such intellectual property, patents and commercial interests is of utmost importance, and is a key aspect of active risk management. Naturally, where there is such innovation and investment, disputes can and do occur. Our technology industry clients — who comprise telecommunications, IT services, software, internet and e-commerce, sharing/gig economy, semiconductors, and technology manufacturers — tell us that this is an unavoidable part of their business model.

Marsh’s Litigation Risk Solutions can help technology companies who are exposed to legal disputes. Our approach can provide the following benefits:

  • Takes the legal costs off balance sheet through litigation finance.
  • Level the playing field against more well-funded opponents.
  • Provide risk transfer solutions to mitigate the down side of unsuccessfully pursuing a dispute.
  • Provide solutions across a portfolio of litigation as well as one-off cases.
  • Preserve capital to invest in the growth of their business rather than pay legal fees.
  • Unlock litigation which is a financial asset.
  • Manage their risk exposure.

Technology Industry Litigation Risk Solutions