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Driver Recruitment and Retention

We take a broad consultative approach to selecting, training and retaining driving capacity.

Few transportation industry issues are as vexing as the chronic driver shortage. Quality drivers are difficult to find, and even more difficult to retain. As a result, trucking companies have resorted to drastic measures and significant cost to fill the need.

Marsh can help. We take a broad consultative approach to selecting, training and retaining driving capacity — whether company or independent contractor. Our comprehensive diagnosis determines areas of improvement in your company practices in recruiting, onboarding, driver relations, and organizational structure.

Our services

Our driver recruitment and retention services include:

  • Conduct needs assessment and development of a measurement system to track recruiting, retention, accidents, and workers' compensation, delivering current, accurate data to evaluate process improvement.
  • Evaluate and provide recommendations of your recruiting process, from sourcing to orientation.
  • Observe new driver orientation and provide specific recommendations where needed.
  • Develop retention strategies with the management team.
  • Develop driver career progression, including specific career options for the driving fleet.
  • Implement an exit interview process to promote driver retention by creating awareness throughout the organization.
  • Survey the driver force, providing an accurate image from the driver’s perspective.

In addition to the obvious benefit of improved results with your drivers, Marsh can also help you enhance employee morale and performance.