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Marsh at GreenBiz 24

February 12 - February 14, 2024
JW Marriott, Desert Ridge
Phoenix AZ

Marsh is excited to be a part of GreenBiz 24, the premier sustainability conference for business leaders in 2024.

As a leading insurance provider, we understand the critical role our industry plays in addressing the challenges of climate change. Join us as we share our expertise and insights on how companies can navigate the front lines of physical climate change impacts. Together, we can accelerate positive change and create a more sustainable future for businesses and communities alike.


Join us at GreenBiz 24 to learn from industry experts, gain actionable knowledge, and shape the future of insurance in the face of climate change.
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Tuesday, February 13, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM at Grand Saguaro West

Adaptation & Insurance in a Changing Climate

Speaker: Randal Waters, SVP, Emerging Risks Group, Marsh Advisory, United States

No industry operates on the front lines of physical climate change impacts more than insurance. As those impacts become more frequent and more extreme, your company’s insurance costs will likely rise. Explore how companies are improving their understanding of and adaptation to climate’s impact on their operations and their supply chain in order to improve resilience and secure insurance coverage. From heightened premiums and risk assessments to supply chain vulnerabilities and regulatory pressures, learn innovative strategies, solutions and ESG-aligned approaches that are shaping the future of corporate risk management in a volatile climate.



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Specialists attending GreenBiz 24

Amy Barnes

Amy Barnes

Head of Climate & Sustainability Strategy, Marsh

  • Global

Randal Waters

Randal Waters

Senior Vice President, Emerging Risks Group, Marsh Advisory, North America

  • United States