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The role of the oceans and how we can better protect them – Part 2

A podcast series on ocean health: part two.

The ocean is critical for the global climate system and planetary health

In this two-part podcast series on ocean health, Amy Barnes, Marsh’s Head of Climate and Sustainability Strategy, Dr. Howard Dryden, Chief Technical Officer of GOES Foundation, and Diane Duncan, Programme Director of GOES, discuss the role of ocean health in our planet’s health, the industries most impacting on ocean health, and the regulatory developments that could change the risk landscape.

Key Takeaways

Maintaining a balanced marine ecosystem is essential.

80% of all pollution entering the oceans starts on land. There are certain industries that are impacting ocean health the most.

The taskforce for nature-related financial disclosures will support business in assessing emerging nature-related risks and opportunities.

It will stimulate some of the change that is needed in the way individuals lead their lives and how businesses are managed.

About our speakers

Amy Barnes

Amy Barnes

Head of Climate & Sustainability Strategy, Marsh

  • Global

Amy Barnes heads Marsh’s climate and sustainability strategy. Prior to this she held a number of leadership roles with Marsh’s global energy, power, and renewables business. She has a respected depth and breadth of experience assisting some of the largest and most complex companies manage risks. This experience enables her to have a deep understanding of a wide range of clients’ risk management approaches. She joined Marsh as an environmental insurance broker and has 20 years of relevant industry experience with Marsh.

Dr. Howard Dryden

Dr. Howard Dryden

Internationally acclaimed marine biologist and Chief Technical Officer, GOES Foundation

  • United Kingdom

As an academic and successful businessman, Howard’s 30+ year career has been focused on one vision — to make the aquatic environment safer and cleaner for humans and all the other organisms on which our life depends. Dr. Dryden has exceptional knowledge and experience of combining biology, chemistry and physical sciences and their application to the real world impact of chemical pollution.

Diane Duncan

Diane Duncan

Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Royal Society for Arts

  • United Kingdom

Diane Duncan is a geologist as well a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Royal Society for Arts. Diane was employed in the public sector as a senior manager in an economic and community development organization and wrote the first low carbon climate change policy in Scotland. She is a specialist in business development and marketing strategy; however, her passion lies in the effective delivery of international development with a focus on providing clean drinking water for low income communities, and protection of marine ecosystems.