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Automotive Programs

Enhance your revenue by offering affinity or embedded insurance for automotive and mobility usage-based service.


Protection solutions that are tailored to your specific business needs.


A digital platform that creates a seamless customer journey and provides powerful data insights.


Diversify your revenue stream in a way that enhances brand value and loyalty.

As the automotive industry faces increasing challenges and competition, affinity and embedded insurance solutions are proving highly effective in helping companies deliver an improved customer experience that enhances loyalty and brand value as well as diversifies their revenue streams.

How Marsh's Affinity team can help

With deep expertise and strong relationships with carriers, Marsh's Affinity practice has extensive experience in designing, building, and implementing successful motor vehicle insurance and automotive protection programs worldwide.

Our focus sectors

  • Passenger cars
  • Light and heavy commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses
  • Motor bikes
  • Agricultural and turf vehicles
  • Construction and forestry vehicles

Benefits of a digital insurance platform

  • Integration with your existing digital ecosystem
  • Streamlined end-user purchase of insurance solutions
  • Seamless claims management capabilities
  • Data analytics for better business intelligence and customer lifecycle management

Our affinity automotive insurance programs are suitable for both business-to-business and business-to-business-to-consumer models, comprising of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), dealer groups, subscription providers, fleet operators, leasing, and financing companies. Our market-leading knowledge and advice enable our partners to unlock new, profitable, and sustainable revenue streams.

*Please consult with a Marsh advisor on product availability in your region. 

Why Marsh

Marsh, the world’s largest insurance broker and risk advisor, is dedicated to helping clients globally manage risk effectively. Leveraging robust technology and data capabilities, Marsh’s long-standing expertise in designing, developing, and implementing innovative and efficient risk solutions across diverse industries and geographies delivers sustainable benefits for clients and empowers them to take advantage of opportunities that foster resilient business growth and expansion.


Marsh’s Affinity team offers the following automotive insurance products through an affinity or embedded insurance program. Product availability varies from country to country. Please check with your Marsh advisor.

  • Motor vehicle insurance for all vehicles on an annual, monthly, and/or usage-based basis
  • Extended warranty for new, used, and existing vehicles
  • Guaranteed asset protection (GAP) such as return to invoice, finance, and/or partial loss
  • Key protection
  • Cosmetic, body, paint, and upholstery protection
  • Concierge services such as valet parking
  • Tire and rim protection
  • Specialized insurance solutions for electric vehicle and hybrid battery
  • Lifestyle products such as coverage of gadgets, ski equipment, and more
  • Customized insurance solutions based on usage and subscription — monthly, mileage, or time-based

Marsh’s Affinity practice has over two decades of experience in designing, building, and implementing affinity automotive insurance and protection programs worldwide. ​We are pioneers in creating embedded insurance solutions for some of the world’s iconic pure electric vehicle manufacturers as well as traditional automotive manufacturers, subscription providers, dealership groups, leasing, and financing companies.

We have deep expertise and strong relationships with local, regional, and global carriers. In addition, we have extensive experience working with captives and alternative risk transfer arrangements.

Setting up a program to provide motor vehicle insurance to your customers can be challenging. Below is a list of common challenges — however, these may vary depending on specific market conditions and individual company strategies. 

  1. High premiums: Motor insurance premiums are high in many countries due to rising claims costs, inflation, increased repair costs, and higher medical expenses resulting from injuries.
  2. Regulatory compliance: Companies must navigate a complex regulatory landscape, including changes in insurance regulations, data protection laws, and consumer protection requirements. Compliance with these regulations can be challenging and may require significant resources.
  3. Changing customer expectations: Customers' expectations are evolving, and they demand more personalized and convenient insurance experiences. There is a need to invest in digital capabilities, improve customer engagement, and offer innovative products and services to stay competitive.
  4. Fraudulent activities: Fraudulent claims, staged accidents, and identity theft can result in financial losses and higher premiums for policyholders. There is a need to implement robust fraud detection and prevention measures within a program.

At Marsh, our team will provide data insights on the affinity or embedded insurance for your automotive program. We will define key performance indicators to help you:

  • Evaluate the claims data on parts and vehicles to support discussions with suppliers and brands.
  • Measure the performance of dealerships and sales teams to develop incentive plans.
  • Assess the performance of the insurance program to guide negotiations with insurers.

Our team will help deal with First Notice of Loss (FNOL) claims. We provide digitally- integrated solutions that not only simplify the automotive claims process but enhance your end users’ experience with your brand.