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Equipment and Consumer Electronics

Unlock new revenue streams and data insights with extended warranty and insurance solutions for equipment, heavy machinery, and consumer electronics.


Warranty and protection solutions that are tailored to your specific business needs.


A secure digital platform that creates a seamless customer journey and provides powerful data insights.


Diversify your revenue stream in a way that enhances brand value and loyalty.

Within the equipment and consumer electronics industries, companies are setting themselves apart from the competition by offering customized extended warranty and insurance protection solutions. These solutions provide additional value to a company’s end users, which in turn generates benefits for the business, such as a diversified revenue stream and enhanced customer lifetime value. 

How Marsh’s Affinity team can help

Marsh’s Affinity team works with you to develop extended warranty and protection solutions on equipment and consumer electronics, tailoring coverage that is aligned with your business and customers’ needs.

The products can be delivered on a dedicated digital insurance platform, white-labeled, or embedded at the point of sale. Depending on your requirements, we can integrate the products within your existing ecosystem. This enables a seamless customer experience for placement, claims, data analytics, and reporting.

Our focus sectors

  • Heavy machinery and equipment manufacturers
  • Consumer electronics and personal appliance manufacturers
  • Telecommunication groups
  • E-commerce platforms, retailers, and wholesalers
  • Leasing companies and financiers

Our solutions

  • A holistic and sustainable insurance program for your end users.
  • Diversified revenue opportunity and enhanced customer lifetime value.
  • Seamless user experience and a valuable brand touchpoint.
  • Data analytics capabilities for business intelligence and decision making.

*Please consult with a Marsh advisor on product availability in your region. 

Why Marsh

Marsh, the world’s largest insurance broker and risk advisor, is dedicated to helping clients globally manage risk effectively. Leveraging robust technology and data capabilities, Marsh’s long-standing expertise in designing, developing, and implementing innovative and efficient risk solutions across diverse industries and geographies delivers sustainable benefits for clients and empowers them to take advantage of opportunities that foster resilient business growth and expansion.


Extended warranties are service contracts offered in addition to the standard manufacturer’s warranty on purchased and/or leased goods and services. An extended warranty program typically extends the period of coverage but may also expand the cover provided by the manufacturer’s original warranty.

Examples of affinity insurance programs for consumer electronics include:

  • After-sales product care and extended warranties.
  • Protection for devices, appliances, and other electronic products covering screen damage (accidental or otherwise), theft, multi-device subscription, and damage resulting from flood and power surges.
  • Personal cyber protection.

Examples of affinity insurance programs for heavy machinery and equipment include:

  • Machinery breakdown policies.
  • Equipment liability cover.
  • Accidental damage cover including from handling.
  • Group personal accident protection.

This is not an exhaustive list and availability may vary by country.

Marsh has an experienced and agile team of affinity insurance experts that will be able to handle the transition of a legacy program to a new plan, while ensuring consistent customer experience.

Marsh operates globally and can draw on our expertise and strong relationships with local, regional, and global carriers. In addition, we have extensive experience working with captives and alternative risk transfer arrangements.