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Sponsored Programs

Meet the needs of your customers and members with a bespoke insurance program for your association, franchise, or group.


Insurance solutions that are tailored to your specific business needs.


A digital platform that facilitates a seamless journey for users and provides powerful data insights.


Expand your revenue stream while delivering additional value to your customers and members.

Around the world, professional bodies, associations, franchises, and specialized groups have benefitted from providing their valued customers and members with a group or sponsored insurance program. This includes insurance consulting services, embedded insurance solutions, coverage relevancy, administrative convenience, and customer sustainability solutions.

How Marsh's Affinity team can help

Our experienced Affinity team specializes in developing group or sponsored insurance program solutions that are tailored to your customers’ and members’ industry-specific needs. Utilizing Marsh’s strong historical relationships with carriers, these customized insurance programs cover professional indemnity, accident, and health for example, offering your organization the opportunity to expand revenue, optimize costs, and manage risk in an effective and sustainable way.

Marsh will help you design, build, and implement group insurance or sponsored programs in a single country, region, across regions, or globally. The choice is yours.

Our focus sectors

  • Associations (trade, professional, and general)
  • Franchises (such as retail, food and beverage, and fitness)
  • Sports, entertainment, and media
  • Single client sponsors (such as building and construction, logistics, and telecommunications organizations, education providers, and financial institutions)
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and micro businesses

Our services

  • Embedded insurance solutions
  • Insurer management
  • Data-driven product design
  • Platform design and integration
  • Program compliance
  • Reporting and analytics

*Please consult with a Marsh advisor on product availability in your region. 

Why Marsh

Marsh, the world’s largest insurance broker and risk advisor, is dedicated to helping clients globally manage risk effectively. Leveraging robust technology and data capabilities, Marsh’s expertise in designing, developing, and implementing innovative and effective risk solutions across diverse industries and geographies delivers sustainable benefits for clients and empowers them to take advantage of opportunities that foster resilient business growth and expansion.


A group or sponsored insurance program provides policies unique to members of the group by pooling together the risk with an aim to reduce the cost of coverage.

By creating an insurance program for your organization, you can offer a personalized solution to meet the requirements of your members and/or end customers.

Embedded insurance is where a non-insurance organization provides cover at the point of sale or as part of a subscription or membership package. It enables the brand or sponsor to offer creative, customized insurance solutions to meet the needs of their consumer or member. The solution is integrated seamlessly within the customer journey.

You can strengthen the membership base of your trade, professional, or sports association and provide added value for members by introducing a cost-effective, tailor-made insurance program. This will help you protect your association and your members against a wide range of risks and third-party claims.

Drawing on our team of specialists’ experience, Marsh offers bespoke solutions that fit the specific needs of your members and the risks they face. The establishment of an affinity offer for your customers results from knowledge of your market and our ability to provide you with design, investment, and management solutions.

Any type of group where certain purchases are pooled or certain services are offered to members and subscribers is eligible for insurance solutions. These can include franchises, a central purchasing office, a trade, professional, or sports association.

The head of the group, for example, will be able to promote to its members and subscribers insurance solutions that meet the specific needs of the profession represented.

As one of the world's leading risk and insurance advisory specialists, the design, build, and implementation of a group insurance or sponsored program is a key aspect of our business. We create and negotiate the offers that deliver a personalized insurance solution for your members and end customers. By partnering with Marsh, you gain a team of specialists that help free up your time and allow you to focus on growing your business.