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Long-Term Reinsurance Companies

Discover how long-term reinsurance companies and other special-purpose vehicles can offer proven ways to achieve financial objectives, enhance value, and optimize capital efficiency for the long term.

In a dynamic regulatory and economic environment, financial institutions, particularly life insurers have ongoing needs related to governance, oversight, and capital deployment for a long-term reinsurance company. Marsh offers deep expertise and global resources to advise clients on best practices in long-term reinsurance setup, governance, operational readiness, and day-to-day management. We serve a broad range of public and private financial institutions, and life insurers.

Our experienced team understands the complex needs of life insurers. We have maintained a lengthy presence in the world’s leading domestic and offshore financial centers. With highly customizable solutions based on our clients’ needs, we are well positioned to help our clients navigate changing regulations and align capital to risk.

Our services for long-term reinsurers include consulting and client management before and after licensing, customized to each client’s needs.

  • Pre-licensing: We assist with business planning, advise on governance and regulatory matters, and help clients become operationally ready on Day 1.
  • Post-licensing: We support day-to-day management, including full financial reporting, governance, and regulatory compliance.

How reinsurance can enhance governance and growth for life insurers