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Q1 2024 UK cyber insurance report

Explore UK cyber insurance data trends, tips, and strategies that will help you improve your resilience and navigate the digital risk landscape.

In our Q1 2024 cyber insurance report, our team of UK cyber experts provide actionable insights and recommendations to help you remain cyber resilient in 2024 and beyond. Drawing from the trends we are observing, we offer practical strategies to protect your organisation from evolving cyber threats.

Get your copy now to gain the knowledge and guidance needed to navigate the complex cyber landscape and take the right steps to ensure your organisation remains secure in the face of emerging digital risks.

What is inside?

  • Buyer-friendly market: Explore how the UK cyber insurance market has become increasingly "buyer-friendly" with a surplus of capacity and intense competition among insurers, leading to rate decreases.
  • Strengthen your cyber resilience: Discover the shift in insurer focus from "if" to "when" a cyberattack occurs and understand the implications for your organisation's cyber resilience strategies.
  • Claims Q&A: Deep-dive into the rise of ransomware attacks and the critical role of human error in cyber incidents. Learn why employee training, incident response planning, and staying informed about emerging regulations are essential for effective risk management.
  • Spotlight on AI: Discover the emerging cyber risks associated with artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential impact on insurance claims.

Our people

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Kelly Butler

Cyber Practice Leader, Marsh Specialty

  • United Kingdom

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Gareth Bateman

Cyber Growth Leader

  • United Kingdom

Holly Waszak

Holly Waszak

Head of Cyber Claims, Cyber Risk

  • United Kingdom