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Effective risk management in the clean energy transition

Learn about environmental risks to watch for when considering a transition to clean energy.

From pollution to progress

Changes in the energy sector are here and rapidly evolving. Financial incentives coupled with regulatory requirements and corporate goodwill have companies across the globe investigating a shift to clean energy. Yet, embracing this type of opportunity is not without its risks.

In our recent webcast, Pollution to progress: Effective risk management in the clean energy transition, specialists from our Environmental and Renewable Energy Practices discussed:

  • Contamination risks that are associated with commonly targeted transition sites
  • Opportunities for financial incentives and tax benefits associated with the redevelopment of Brownfield properties
  • Traditional and specialty environmental risk transfer solutions to address exposures
  • Case studies where proactively addressing environmental risk supported the transition to clean energy
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Our speakers

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Matthew Kern

Senior Vice President, Environmental Practice

Matthew is a senior advisor and broker in Marsh's US Environmental Practice. In his role, Matthew works with companies across multiple industries including power and utility clients and renewable energy developers to help manage their liabilities at Brownfields and environmentally impacted sites.

Michael Kolodner

Michael Kolodner

Energy & Power Leader

Mike Kolodner is Marsh’s Global Renewable Energy and US Power Leader. A former US Naval nuclear submarine officer, he has more than 20 years of operational, brokerage, advisory, and underwriting experience in clean energy risk and insurance management. Based in Boston, he leads an integrated team of more than 250 renewable energy specialists around the world.

Peter Kolodner

Peter Kolodner

Senior Vice President, Environmental Practice

Peter is a senior client advisor and leads Marsh's Environmental Practice in the West. He advises companies on structuring environmental coverage to facilitate risk transfer, including placing coverage for property transactions and redevelopment, mergers and acquisitions, Brownfield redevelopments, Superfund clean-ups, and liability buyouts.

Kimberly Mann

Kimberly Mann

Senior Vice President, Environmental Practice

As a senior advisory specialist in Marsh’s Global Environmental Practice, Kim specializes in providing advice on environmental risks and insurance solutions. She has extensive experience in complex environmental risks, including mergers & acquisitions, brownfield redevelopment, heavy industrial risks, and product & asbestos exposures.