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Insurance Recovery for Head Injury Claims

Marsh Advisory specializes in assisting organizations facing liability claims by identifying coverage and determining how it applies.

The well-publicized settlement of the head injury lawsuit covering more than 18,000 retired professional football players could have wide implications, potentially involving millions of claimants in similar liability suits that could be brought against other professional sports associations, universities, colleges, and even those involved in high school and youth sports programs.

Marsh Advisory's Risk Consulting Solutions can assist organizations facing liability claims by identifying coverage and determining how it applies.

Our services include

Insurance Archaeology

As the burden to prove up the existence of missing policies is generally on the policyholder, the first step in pursuing insurance recovery for these claims is to locate relevant historic insurance records. Our insurance archaeology specialists have a proven track record of locating evidence of policies issued many years ago. With a wide range of contacts and access to both US and UK broker archives, we are well positioned to assist.

Policy Analysis, Coverage Graphs, Electronic Archiving

Our insurance experts can provide comprehensive analysis of insurance documents and a graphical representation of the policies at issue. This analysis, along with electronic policy archiving, is delivered using our proprietary Web-accessible application — Insurance Coverage ExplorerTM.

Allocation Modeling

Loss allocation answers the questions of what share of defense and any settlement costs each insurer should pay. We have developed a series of sophisticated models to assist clients with the assimilation of complex claim data. These models are the tools used to estimate the value of insurance assets available to offset current and potential future liabilities. Modeling is the framework for analyzing positions taken by insurers during settlement negotiations and it provides the ability to test the financial impact of legal uncertainties. Our mathematical results can be used to develop settlement strategy and support settlement demands.

Formulation and Implementation of Insurance Recovery strategy

Our consultants advocate on behalf of our clients. We have exceptional relationships with key insurer decision makers and our experience negotiating with those insurers helps our clients achieve favorable results often without the need for costly and time-consuming litigation.