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Case study

Building a resilience plan for a Rental company

The challenge

A UK-based rental company experienced record growth during the COVID-19 pandemic. But with no centralized resilience strategy, the firm was exposed to a high level of disruption.

The solution

Marsh developed a three phase approach to bolster the company’s ability to respond to a crisis.

Our Strategic business impact analysis (SBIA) took a deep dive into the company’s operations, including identifying its most important products and services. The resulting SBIA matrix laid out the potential financial, strategic, and reputational impacts of disruptions.

Divisional business continuity plans (BCPs) were created for use during disruptive incidents. The BCPs identified critical processes, procedures, and recovery strategies for a range of loss scenarios. 

The results

The strategic analysis and business continuity planning led to the company’s development of a crisis management and business continuity framework. This suite of documentation outlines the who, what, why, and how for resilience during disruptions and provides a robust structure for the company to prepare for and respond to incidents.

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