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Multinational benefits

Creating a globally consistent, locally relevant, and digitally driven international benefits program can help reduce your administrative burdens and provide your employees with a valued health and well-being benefits experience.

Tailored, cost-effective benefits programs that engage employees

Multinational organizations are rethinking their approach to managing their global benefits, from program design to governance and administration. The need for a strong global structure, with the ability to tailor benefits for simple and agile local execution and employee engagement, has never been greater.

As employers of all sizes expand their operations globally, they need to look at the scope and level of benefits they provide for their increasingly diverse and mobile workforces. This includes understanding the range of health and well-being risks present in each location and their impact on employee productivity and engagement.

Many organizations pay the price for a fragmented, ‘multiple-national’ approach to benefits broking. In fact, 81% of multinational benefits leaders say ‘global consistency’ is their number one priority according to Mercer’s Benefits Tech Trends report.

MMB Multinational brings you the best of our global benefits management and Darwin solutions in one joined-up team — to help you unlock a world of benefits, make better, data-driven decisions, automate administration, and deliver a benefits experience your employees truly value.

Appropriate strategies for each country can be bundled under regional and global arrangements to reduce workload, maximize financial impact, and ensure consistency in governance. We will work together and be guided by insights from your data: reviewing your costs, benchmarking them, and suggesting improvements to maximize what your budget can deliver.

MMB can help you

Better governance, risk management, cost containment, and employee engagement are all key benefits program objectives for any organization already operating or expanding globally.

At Mercer Marsh Benefits, our multi-discipline, multi-country, multicultural, and multilingual team of benefits specialists, brokers, and advisors in more than 150 countries can support the development of your global strategy and framework. We then work together with you to implement your benefits program with our on-the-ground knowledge and expertise, allowing you to stay relevant to the culture, language, and legislation of your local employees and offices.

MMB can provide:
  • Global consistency with local knowledge: MMB Multinational is a provider of global employee benefits and employee engagement technology. Our health and benefits specialists combine global scale with unmatched local understanding.
  • One team of benefit specialists: We help you set a strategy and create a globally consistent framework, allowing you to design, source, purchase, deliver, and manage a truly global benefits program.
  • Broking services: Using our network of brokers in over 150 countries, we are able to identify opportunities for pooling, and even for self-insurance or captive formation. MMB specialists will work with you to safeguard your program so that it complies with local legislation and that your local arrangements follow global governance rules.
  • One powerful, digital ecosystem: Through our technology platforms, we help you make better, data-driven decisions, help you with pool purchasing, automate administration, and mine your data to identify your risks, financing, claims ratios, and exclusions. This helps create a benefits experience your employees truly value and that meets with your financial objectives.


Health on demand: Delivering the benefits employees want now

Our research study looks at the views of over 14,000 employees across the globe as greater demand for benefits that meet real employee needs is driving a shift towards digital well-being and self-care.

Learn how we can help you design a global employee benefits program that is locally relevant, cost effective, and valued by employees.

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