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Automotive Programmes

Enhance business resilience with digitally enabled solutions, on-demand insights, and tailored data-driven products for our automotive partners.


A digital platform that creates a seamless customer journey.


Protection solutions that are optimised and tailored to your specific business needs.


Diversify your revenue stream in a way that enhances brand value and loyalty.

Watch the demo to see how we can improve your buyer journey via embedded insurance.

As the automotive industry faces increasing challenges and competition, embedded insurance solutions are proving highly effective in helping companies deliver an improved customer experience that enhances loyalty and brand value as well as diversify their revenue streams.

How Marsh's Affinity team can help

With deep expertise and strong historical relationships with global carriers, Marsh's Affinity practice has over two decades of experience in designing, building and implementing successful automotive protection programmes worldwide.

The programmes are delivered via a customised and secured digital platform, which provides the following benefits:

  • Integration with your existing digital ecosystem.
  • Streamlined end-user purchase of insurance solutions.
  • Seamless claims management capabilities.
  • Data analytics for better business intelligence and customer life cycle management.

Our Affinity automotive protection programmes are suitable for both B2B and B2B2C automotive business models, comprising of OEMs, dealer groups, financiers, and fleet operators. Our market-leading knowledge and advice enable our partners to unlock new, profitable, and sustainable revenue streams via embedded insurance-backed products.

Why Marsh

Marsh, the world’s largest insurance broker and risk advisor, is dedicated to helping clients globally manage risk effectively. Leveraging robust technology and data capabilities, Marsh’s long-standing expertise in designing, developing, and implementing innovative and efficient risk solutions across diverse industries and geographies delivers sustainable benefits for clients and empowers them to take advantage of opportunities that foster resilient business growth and expansion.


Examples of affinity insurance programmes include but are not limited to the following:

  • Pre-owned buyer protection programmes
  • Driver insurance coverage for fleet operators

Yes, we utilise our global expertise, local knowledge, and deep connections with global carriers to design affinity programmes that cater for geographies of your choice.