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In today’s litigious and complex risk environment, aerospace organizations can better navigate their changing landscape with a wide range of innovative risk management and insurance solutions provided by Marsh.

Aerospace organizations, including major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), component parts manufacturers, and maintenance repair and overhaul providers are fundamental to supporting the wider aviation industry. Common to each of these sub-sectors is exposure to an increasingly litigious landscape from third parties. Liability losses are increasing in both frequency and severity.

Using proprietary data and analytics tools, we can position your risks within the global insurance market in advance of negotiations with insurers. We identify and analyze your risks, differentiators, and strategic goals, as well as key external factors, to design an optimal placement structure for you.

In addition to our placement expertise, our aviation claims specialists offer a range of services beyond traditional claims handling. We help you reduce costs and maximize efficiencies in casualty and property claims, before, during, and after a loss. Through our range of claims services, we have the skills and resources you need to meet your claims scenario, however large or complex.


13 out of 20 leading aerospace manufacturers are our clients


aerospace risks placed every year

Data and analytics

Data and analytics for aerospace manufacturers

Using our innovative data and analytics tools, you can better understand potential risks and make informed buying decisions on your insurance and risk management program.

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