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Airlines face a number of significant risk exposures, as well as a tough operational business environment, making it vital to have the right risk management plans and insurance coverage in place.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused serious disruption to the airline industry, mostly as a result of lockdowns that prevented non-essential travel and decimated passenger demand. This put significant pressure on airline cash flows and contributed to the bankruptcy of some airlines. While domestic and short-haul travel recovered relatively quickly, international long-haul travel remained at lower levels as each government made its own decisions regarding border policies. IATA predicts that the total industry loss is over US$100 billion, and that demand will only recover to 2019 levels in 2024.

Our long-standing team of experts have helped airlines of all sizes be more resilient by providing innovative risk management solutions and benchmarking tools as well as developing specialized risk transfer insurance solutions.

From group buying programs and line slips, to customized placement or rating structures and coverage enhancements, we can deliver real value to you. We are able to provide as much tailored coverage as required by your business and help you build long-term market relationships and strategies for ongoing cost savings.

With our robust data set, we benchmark your risks against the wider market and help you make informed buying decisions on your insurance program.

We specialize in representing a variety of airline companies and structures, including:

  • Major flag carriers
  • Other major carriers
  • Regional carriers
  • Cargo carriers

In addition to our placement expertise, our aviation claims specialists offer a range of services beyond traditional claims handling. We help you reduce costs and maximize efficiencies in casualty and property claims, before, during, and after a loss. Through our range of claims services, we have the skills and resources you need to meet your claims scenario, however large or complex.


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With decades of historical claims data on the global airlines industry, you can develop highly-targeted risk management strategies with your Marsh broker that can improve your business resilience.

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