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A pioneer in space and satellite insurance, Marsh provides risk management advice and customized insurance products covering launch and in-orbit risks for your space assets.

New technologies and lower launch costs are providing greater opportunities for both new and existing companies to thrive in the space industry. However, with opportunity comes uncertainty — government access, terrestrial 5G global rollout, supply chain issues, and more.

Since 1977, Marsh has helped space companies to identify and address relevant risk factors through risk mitigation, management, and transfer strategies. Given our broad and diverse portfolio of clients, we are able to identify the latest market trends and provide meaningful insights backed by our innovative data and analytics tools. Our specialist space team members, all in-house, have a variety of backgrounds, including insurance marketing, engineering, legal, financial, and account management.

We have delivered numerous ‘market firsts’ for space industry companies in terms of financial and coverage solutions. We will continually strive to deliver innovative solutions, at the most competitive terms available in the market, to you.

We provide insurance coverage and risk management solutions for:

  • Owner operators
  • Manufacturers
  • Communications and earth observation
  • Geostationary Equatorial Orbit (GEO), medium earth orbit (MEO), and low earth orbit (LEO) satellites
  • Constellations

How can insurance support space exploration?

With NASA’s new rocket, the Space Launch System, mankind will enter a new era of deep space exploration. Marsh Specialty created an innovative insurance solution to cover NASA and its prime contractors.


establishment of our Space practice


space insurance professionals


global hubs of space expertise

Data and analytics

Data and analytics for space and satellite operators and manufacturers

Data and analytics tools for the space insurance industry enable your Marsh broker to predict, evaluate, and deliver optimal risk management and insurance results for your program.


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