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Global Risks Report Podcast: European Conversations

Energy transition and net zero

A conversation between Cornelia Neumann, a Partner at Oliver Wyman and Jens Wiggershaus, Head of Sustainability at RWE.
Glass sphere over a river with trees in nature — Climate neutral into the future concept - Net Zero 2050

A conversation between Cornelia Neumann, a Partner at Oliver Wyman and Dr. Jens Wiggershaus, Head of Sustainability at RWE.

Cornelia began by asking Jens about how the change in short term energy needs had impacted the long term energy transition. Highlighting three key influences, energy security, cost, and the transition to green energy Jens identified recent concerns about cost and energy security as an opportunity to invest in green energy to help lower the cost in the future and resolve the energy security issue.

The conversation progressed to address the concerns of those who feel the energy transition isn’t progressing quickly enough. Jens said, “My first response would be that they are right. When having a look from a global perspective, mankind is not on a good way to achieve a 1.5 degree target.” He continued that RWE as a company had made commitments and begun changes to reach those ambitious short and mid-term targets. However, he did concede that considering the need for energy security transitioning away from sources such as coal will take time.

The pair also discussed biodiversity and the concept of a just (energy) transition and how RWE as a company were handling that. Jens described how they were helping workers reskills and offering new opportunities as part of the evolution.

Carolina Klint is Marsh McLennan Chief Commercial Officer for Europe and Global Risks Report spokesperson. She is responsible for delivering services and solutions to Marsh’s largest national and multinational clients. Carolina has more than 20 years of international and leadership experience.

Cornelia Neumann is a Partner at Oliver Wyman, previously worked for the Bank of England before joining Oliver Wyman in 2011.

Dr. Jens Wiggershaus is Head of Sustainability at RWE. The German energy producer is the world's second largest producer in offshore wind power and is Europe's third largest company in renewable energy.

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