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Marsh India Yearbook 2021

In the sixth edition of our annual publication, we have tried to highlight our achievements, evolving risk landscape, and risk management practices for our clients, and discuss some of the challenges faced by the industry in the past 12 months.

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Hope you all are doing fine and healthy. 

We are pleased to share the sixth edition of our annual publication of the Marsh India Yearbook 2021. 

The last two years have been very challenging for everyone, our colleagues, communities, and clients.  During this period we had to adapt and evolve in the ways we do business.   

Through this yearbook, we have tried to highlight our achievements, share the experiences of our clients, discuss some of the challenges we and our industry faced in the past 12 months, and present case studies and client testimonials that mark our journey towards serving our clients better. We will also share our corporate social responsibility initiatives and webinars conducted across India.

The COVID-19 pandemic which hit India in early 2020 has impacted every walk of life across the globe and India was not an exception. In this edition of the yearbook, we have tried to capture how we have evolved in this new norm and the impact in terms of coverage, pricing, etc.

COVID has brought crisis management and business continuity management to the forefront, practically and in the policy. There is a heightened sense of awareness of the impact of risk on the organisation’s income and brand/reputation. There is a real chance of Insurance now becoming a pull product from a push product.

In conclusion, building a resilient, sustainable business is a journey and insurance wants to aid and collaborate with you in this task, rather than being an annual activity that needs to be completed. Your business continuity has been at the heart of all insurances, and this commitment will only deepen in times to come.

We hope the yearbook will help engage our clients and other stakeholders of the insurance industry in continuing the conversation on risk. 

Download the yearbook now.

Marsh India Yearbook 2021

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