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Unlocking opportunities: Staying ahead of HR trends

Equipping HR with the right tools and advice to create elevated employee experiences.

The changing nature of work means that employees are driving a workplace culture where experience aligns with employee expectations, challenging employers to bolster their value proposition and embrace what it means to be an employer of choice. 

To actualize the value of cultivating the right skills and talent and stay competitive and relevant for the future of work, organizations need to enhance and evolve the way they manage, care for, and support their people. Understanding and planning for changes in technology, society, and processes will enable employers to improve efficiency, contain costs, and unlock opportunities within their workforce.

Marsh McLennan explores the key trends in HR and benefits and equips employers with the right tools and advice to leverage these trends strategically to create elevated employee experiences and deliver a compelling and comprehensive employee value proposition.

We have identified four pillars across which to prioritize employee experience and enhance HR strategy to bring value to your workforce:

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External influences, such as the advent of innovative technology and new generations entering the workplace, can cause disruptions. HR needs to ensure they have the right skills in place to meet business needs, and to attract and retain the right talent.

HR needs to navigate the changing workplace landscape to better meet employee expectations. Consider how to balance cost containment with employee value, measure if employer perception and employee experience are aligned, and how best to harness diversity and inclusion.


Harnessing the opportunities of an employee-centric culture

Cultivating the right skills and talent requires a compelling Employee Value Proposition that recognizes value through remuneration and rewards, and considers how benefits, training and upskilling contribute toward a meaningful employee experience.


Rethink your talent strategy: creating a thriving workforce

Recent crises and emerging challenges that impact employees means that HR is more pressured than ever to deliver a compelling and comprehensive value proposition for employees that meets their needs and expectations.

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