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People Risk Podcast: The importance of prevention in healthcare

In this episode of the podcast we look at what has happened to screening levels for cancer since COVID and how wearable technology is impacting the overall health of people.
Hospital Ward: Friendly Black Head Nurse Uses Stethoscope to Listen to Heartbeat and Lungs of Recovering Male Patient Resting in Bed, Does Checkup. Man Getting well after Successful Surgery

In this episode of the podcast Helena and her guests, doctors Luke James and Patricia Lopez examine how people risks have risen to the top of every boardroom agenda and what role prevention should take in companies strategy.

The trio discuss the rise in wearable tech and the impact it is having in the fight against obesity around the globe and the impact that COVID had on screening rates from things such as cancer. If you want to learn about how work-from-home is impacting your workforces’ musculoskeletal health listen to the full podcast at the link below.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Screening rates for diseases such as cancer are dropping across Europe.
  • Work from home has led to an increase of health problems due to the increased sedentary lifestyle and desks and chairs used at home.
  • Employees will expect employers to offer more preventative measures in the future.
  • Despite the growth in wearable technology are they having a positive impact on the overall level of health?
  • What can employers do it improve return on investment for health benefits they offer?
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Helena Zikova - Mercer Marsh Benefits. This image is licensed for Mercer Marsh Benefits internal and external communications. © Graham Trott 2022

Helena  Zikova

Sales Leader, Continental Europe, MMB

Dr Luke James

Luke James

Workforce Health Leader, Europe, Mercer Marsh Benefits

  • United Kingdom

Dr Patricia Lopez

Dr. Patricia Lopez

Workforce Health Leader, Mercer Marsh Benefits Spain

  • Spain

About our Speakers

Helena Zikova is the Mercer Marsh Benefits Sales Leader in Europe. She is currently focused on bringing the best of MMB, Marsh and Mercer in front of clients, linking closely with key regional growth solutions, capabilities and industries.

Dr Luke James recently joined MMB as Partner, Workforce Health Leader for Europe having previously held senior leadership positions in a global insurer, most recently as Deputy Group Chief Medical Officer. He is a family physician, medical educator, non-executive director and board member with 25 years of clinical and managerial experience within both state and private healthcare sectors.

Dr Patricia Lopez joined Mercer in September 2022 as the Director of the Mercer Corporate Health and Wellness. A surgeon with a PhD in Medicine from the Ludwig Maximillian University of Munich, she spent five years of doing neuroscience research and has more than 10 years of experience in health insurance sector, holding a variety of positions.



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People Risk Podcast Series - Season 1

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