Emerging Cyber Risks and Importance of Cyber Resilience

Today’s business models depend more and more on data and technology, so, traditional IT security strategy is no longer sufficient nor efficient. Cyber has become a business risk. As such. all industries have been feeling a growing need to understand and identify their cyber risks and exposures. A more quantitative methodology is needed, both to improve a company’s protection and to adapt to an increasingly changing environment.

Having a credible cyber security strategy helps you answer the question: “What is the likelihood that our organization will experience a cyber event causing a loss of greater than, say, $500k in the next 12 months or even $1 million in the next 6 months?”

Marsh India organized a 60-minute session to discuss various possible cyber risk exposures, mitigations strategies, measured steps to recovery and ultimate cyber resilience to get to grips with a new reality.

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