Business Interruption & Supply Chain

Business interruption (BI) is not just a consequence of property damage. Supply chain failure, fire, terrorism, product recall, and cyber-attacks can all interrupt a business.

Today, companies don’t operate in isolation; they are part of a complex network with multiple stakeholders in a volatile global business environment. Having a comprehensive and deep understanding of supply network ecosystems and the organisational resilience to respond quickly to threats and their impacts are critical to business success.

A value-driven, flow-based supply chain resiliency strategy can provide the framework for an integrated approach to supply-network risk management. This approach is one element of a suite of services that includes BI values and policy reviews, claims preparation, and natural catastrophe exposure analysis. By taking a multidimensional approach to BI, the Marsh Business Interruption Centre of Excellence (BICoE) helps ensure that you employ the right solutions for your organisation and its unique risk profile.

We work with colleagues across Marsh, clients, insurers, and professional bodies to improve the understanding of BI risk and the quantification of exposures in order to better articulate these risks to the insurance market. And we deliver enhanced coverage options built on a deeper understanding of individual businesses and efficient, economic risk-transfer solutions tailored to your needs.

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