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Providing innovative solutions to help avoid potentially costly losses and offer broader coverage, a partner deep with industry knowledge can help you more confidently move forward.

In more than 130 countries worldwide…more than 600 US clients and thousands of clients worldwide (2015)…more than US$1.1 billion in premium in the US marketplace and billions worldwide (2015)

Real estate owners, operators, managers, and developers worldwide face numerous risks that can impact their business. Rising construction costs and land prices continue to alter the landscape. Property losses from fires, natural hazards, or terrorism can damage market share, revenue, brand equity, and shareholder value, as could  data breaches and/or cyber-attacks.

Marsh’s Real Estate Practice can help. We offer a global network of advisors dedicated exclusively to the issues facing today’s real estate organizations.

Marsh’s property risk consulting and advisory team brings decades of insider expertise to deliver value on multiple fronts.

  • Our Real Estate Service Group specializes in handling the administrative responsibilities for complex real estate organizations.
  • Our web-based risk management information system, Marsh ClearSight, enables real estate owners, managers, and developers to identify, quantify, and manage risk across their entire portfolios.
  • Our PRIME product provides comprehensive insurance solutions specifically for difficult-to-insure multifamily properties.

Marsh’s Real Estate Practice can help you save costs, access broader coverage terms and conditions, and benefit from a streamlined service platform. Together, these can yield a competitive advantage for your organization.

Real Estate Service Group

For many real estate organizations, the inability to effectively manage administrative duties is a leading cause of losses. In fact, smooth administrative service is as important to profitability as a successful insurance placement.

For that reason, Marsh’s Real Estate Service Group (RESG) specializes in handling the administrative responsibilities for complex real estate organizations. Serving as a single point of contact for all service-related activities, the RESG team can add significant value, if your active portfolio requires direct involvement with assets, property managers, and lenders.

Marsh ClearSight

As commercial real estate firms work to navigate numerous business challenges, they can easily lose sight of the big picture — and miss opportunities to reduce risks and costs.

For that reason, Marsh has developed ClearSight. This cost-effective, web-based risk management platform enables real estate owners, managers, and developers to collect and manage assets, improve workflow, and manage risk across their entire portfolio.

ClearSight provides complete visibility into your assets and their values, by tracking detailed information for all buildings, land, vehicles, and other material goods. With ClearSight, your organization can:

  • Centralize risk information.
  • Plan, control, and measure risk mitigation efforts.
  • Manage property and insurance information.
  • Improve enterprise-wide risk visibility.

Multifamily property owners sometimes face challenges procuring insurance coverage for properties in flood, earthquake, windstorm, and tornado risk areas. That is why Marsh developed our PRIME Habitational Property Insurance Facility. PRIME provides property insurance solutions that are customized for difficult-to-insure multifamily properties.

For owners and managers of multifamily properties, owners of managed real estate portfolios, and real estate investors, PRIME not only helps transfer multifamily property risk, but also helps proactively manage property risk exposures.

PRIME earned the "Business Insurance 2015 Innovation Award," which recognizes leadership and innovation in new products and services for professional risk managers.

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