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It takes a cyber risk expert to pinpoint your vulnerabilities and help you develop an effective enterprise strategy of prevention, preparation, and protection for your organization.

More than 220 cyber security assessments in 2014… Cyber risk modeling reports produced for 1,000+ companies in 2014

Cyber security and information protection can be challenging for companies of all sizes. Hackers are not the only threat — today’s businesses rely on the internet for services such as online marketing, administrative functions, inventory management, credit card processing, and distribution controls. Any intrusion that disrupts delivery of these services can lead to brand and reputation damage, regulatory scrutiny, stakeholder dissatisfaction, and financial losses.

Marsh can help. We’ve been a leader in combatting cyber threats since their emergence, employing a proven five-phase approach: assessment, prevention, preparation, response/mitigation, and remediation.

We are regularly asked to testify before Congress about cyber risk issues. We’ve developed proprietary innovations such as Cyber IDEAL, which models the probability and potential financial impact of cyber events on your organization. And we constantly evolve with the market — and with your own industry — leveraging our team of cyber experts and noted industry leaders.

For you, Marsh’s cyber leadership means gaining a strategy that is multidimensional and holistic, and that accounts for the entire enterprise: operations, compliance, legal, finance, communications, and the board of directors. We’ll define your risks and design an effective cyber risk management program to help protect your company.

Every Organization Has Cyber Risk

Technology is transforming the modern business landscape – speeding innovation and productivity, but also widening the door to cyber threats.  This means every business, regardless of industry, size or geography, is exposed to cyber risk.  And the stakes are escalating, in cost and scope.

Today, cyber-attacks have moved beyond data breach to disruptive, even destructive attacks that can paralyze business operations and inflict significant economic damage.  Cyber risk is now an enterprise-wide concern given the high stakes for lost revenue, response and liability costs, and damage to reputation, intellectual property, and business relationships.

Read more about the fast-evolving nature of cyber risk and how Marsh can deliver expert cyber insurance solutions to protect your organization.


Benefits of Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance should be a core component of every organization’s comprehensive cyber risk management strategy.  Cyber insurance is complementary to cybersecurity, a cost-efficient risk transfer tool that can help mitigate cash outflows and losses from cyber-attacks.  When the inevitable happens – a cyber-attack penetrates your network or operations – cyber insurance can offer protection from potentially devastating economic consequences.

Helping You Manage Cyber Risk with Confidence

Marsh believes cyber risk can be managed like other critical organizational risks:  strategically, quantitatively, and resiliently.  We apply custom tools and expertise to help you:

  • Assess and quantify the potential cost of a cyber-attack.
  • Design an insurance program that aligns with your existing policies and optimizes your cyber risk investment.
  • Strengthen cyber resilience and response through education, planning, and risk mitigation solutions.