Cost management

Balancing cost and empathy in employee benefits packages can help you improve finances, reduce risk, and boost employee satisfaction and retention.


Over the past year, employer-sponsored health and benefit plans have moved from a “nice-to-have” to being a central pillar of the employee value proposition, with increased C-suite attention.

In response, the variety and sophistication of products in the market has grown – with many firms offering not just insurance benefits, but also a broad range of physical, mental, social, and financial well-being initiatives.

As a result, the costs of employer-sponsored health and benefits plans are climbing rapidly – on average, medical costs outpace general inflation by close to three times.

Cost management of these plans is being pushed up the corporate agenda, making it the ideal time for employers to begin thinking about long-term containment strategies.

Mercer Marsh Benefits can help employers create cost-effective health and benefits plans that not only control costs in the short-term, but over the long term. The more affordable plans are, the more you can open eligibility to a broader set of the workforce – which benefits everyone and helps attract and retain employees.

We work with you to leverage your data and identify the inefficiencies in your current program in the following ways:

  • Design for value – through coverage provisions, network configuration, and engagement.
  • Manage health risk – through a data-driven approach that promotes a healthy workforce.
  • Drive efficiencies – through smart financing and placement.

We can help you bend the curve with multi-pronged and multi-year strategies that address these three points simultaneously while at the same time demonstrating care for your employees. 

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