Virtual Ergonomics for the Changing Workforce

As part of our Ergonomics Awareness Month programing, Marsh Risk Consulting experts recently hosted a webcast, “Virtual Ergonomics for the Changing Workforce.”

Our experts discussed how virtual ergonomics can help organizations like yours address the ergonomic issues of a diverse, changing workforce and manage the frequency and severity of musculoskeletal claims.

The webcast by Marsh Risk Consulting’s ergonomics consulting team covered:

  •  What ergonomics issues employers should look for in their workplace and how to best identify them.
  • How employers can effectively and efficiently approach ergonomic issues associated with a diverse workforce and remote employees.
  • The value that the virtual ergonomics process brings to workers and employers.
  • A case study showing how virtual ergonomics has reduced risk exposures and improved safety for an organization with a geographically dispersed and intergenerational workforce.

Jeffrey A. Smagacz, CPE

Ergonomics Practice Leader
Marsh Risk Consulting

Susan Denecke
Senior Vice President, Workforce Strategies
Virtual Ergonomics Practice Leader
Marsh Risk Consulting

Erma Worcester
Manager, Workers' Compensation
Irvine Company