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Risk Analytics

We provide actionable insight, powered by data, for confident risk management decisions.

We provide actionable insights, powered by industry-leading data, to support informed risk management decisions.

Organizations worldwide are increasingly impacted by emerging, complex risks that could affect their ability to achieve their business goals. In this rapidly changing environment, leaders are looking for more than historical views, complicated models, and generic broker benchmarks to manage risk. They want real-time, actionable insights tailored to their business to see around the next corner and plan for the challenges — and opportunities — ahead.

Our risk analytics solutions empower you with knowledge and insights to navigate today's environment, track and anticipate emerging risks, and make more informed business decisions.

With Marsh’s leading data and analytics, you can improve your risk intelligence and more effectively plan, finance, and deliver risk management strategies that align to your leadership team's objectives.

As a vital part of Marsh’s Advisory team, our risk analytics specialists can:

  • Provide tailored insights to help you improve your risk management strategy and frame opportunities with greater precision.
  • Connect our analytics, risk management, and insurance experience to deliver insightful business intelligence and risk analysis.
  • Use industry-leading data, advanced modeling, and innovative digital technology in our Blue[i] suite of analytics solutions to empower your resilience and build confidence.

Our innovative solutions can help you align your risk strategy to corporate objectives and answer critical questions through each step of the risk lifecycle:

  • Understand and govern your risks: What are my risks? How big are they, where do they come from, and how are they interrelated? What are the potential losses and the sources of those losses? How can I better govern my risks?
  • Structure and finance your risks: How do I understand the insurance market? What insurance should I buy and how much? What do my peers do? How do I get competitive terms? Is my current insurance program optimal? How do I structure a program that aligns with my organization’s objectives?
  • Control and improve your risks: What events or types of events should I monitor? How can I improve my risk profile? Is my management of risks effective? How can I evolve my organization’s risk management? How can I implement a resilience program to recover from an event quickly?
  • Claim and recover when incidents occur: How can I get the maximum payment from my insurance program for a claim? What does the claims process mean for my organization’s risk lifecycle?

Your Marsh advisor can help you in each step of the risk lifecycle or deep dive into a particular area where your organization needs help as you measure, manage, and minimize your total cost of risk.

We work with you to help you keep ahead of risk, better anticipate future challenges, and capitalize on emerging opportunities through proactive risk advice that helps build resilience and confidence.

Marsh Advisory's other capabilities

We act as a trusted partner in the face of change, helping clients better anticipate future challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities through proactive risk advice that builds resilience and confidence.

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Risk analytics use data and analytics to develop actionable insights that allow you to more confidently pursue decision-making for managing your risk. Our Marsh Analytics team builds insights from risk analytics to help you identify, correlate, and measure the scale of the threats and uncertainties your organization may be exposed to.

Whether you’re looking at the potential for property risk, how climate change might affect your assets now and in the future, how workforce injuries could impact your operations and finances, what D&O exposures might complicate your business, or anything else that could disrupt and hold back your organization’s objectives, risk analytics can help you make sense of data and illustrate options. Strong analytics and insights can form the basis for proactive decision-making and lasting change.

Risk analytics can make the potential impact of risks visible by turning risk into a dollar number that can be assessed to support more informed decision-making. Risk analytics can help your organization plan and adapt to risks and can be tailored to your organization’s specific goals, helping you build a more realistic view of what’s ahead.

Risk analytics distill complex data and allow you to evaluate and assess proactive risk management strategies that are aligned to your strategic priorities. They can also offer powerful insights as you navigate the steps of the risk lifecycle: understand and govern your risks, structure and finance your risks, control and improve your risks, and claim and recover from risks when incidents occur.

Risk analytics are essential for risk management because they help elevate and embed the conversation of risk within your organization. Risk analytics can help you frame the discussion of risk for business leaders in more objective, financial terms.

Our Blue[i] suite of solutions provides actionable and customized insights for your organization via a dynamic risk analytics platform, enabling you to align your risk strategies to corporate priorities in real time.

Blue[i] solutions can also serve as enablement tools to improve workflows and illustrate insights effectively.

Our Blue[i] solutions:

  • Allow you to leverage our industry-leading data in an intuitive, interactive, and engaging way.
  • Take the complexity out of reporting, analytics, and modeling.
  • Help you better understand your risks and more strategically manage them.
  • Empower you to make risk decisions with greater confidence and to communicate them clearly.

We can work with you no matter how much data you are able to provide. We can utilize industry-level tools for a high-level analysis around your risk landscape and mitigation options — even if you have no data.

The more information you can provide on your own exposures, your past claims history, and your key risks, the more we can provide tailored, detailed insights.

As the world’s leading insurance broker and risk advisor, we provide an unrivaled data source on a global scale with local analytics colleagues in each region who can work with you. Marsh can provide:

  • Sharp intelligence delivered by industry-leading risk analysts, professional data scientists, and risk specialists across the entire Marsh organization.
  • Flexibility to adapt and scale analyses quickly to meet your needs.
  • The largest, proprietary set of claims, premiums, and exposure data, with models that can help you manage risk across your portfolio.
  • Global scale and deep understanding of risk, bringing greater confidence to your decision-making.


Raj	Lakhani

Raj Lakhani

International Practice Leader, Analytics Solutions

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Liz Walker

Analytics Solutions Leader, US and Canada

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