How We Can Help You Unlock the Corporate Value of Risk Management

Marsh can offer customised and innovative risk management solutions for power, energy, and mining industries.

The power, energy, and commodity industries are often challenged by similar strategic and operational risks. At the same time, there is increasing convergence in business models that spans these industries, which seek to drive value from symbiotic supply chains.

At Marsh we believe in a bespoke, tailored approach. We work with clients to:

  • Deliver efficient risk transfer in the context of your corporate strategy and risk tolerance.
  • Place critical insurances, reflecting local preferences and compliance with appropriate legal requirements.
  • Structure policies designed to address project execution risks, providing cover for all parties concerned.
  • Design lender-compliant construction and operational insurance programmes to enhance project bankability.
  • Manage project transfer from construction through to operation.
  • Benchmark, structure, and tailor policy wordings to address liability requirements according to location of operation.

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