Video: How manufacturing and automotive companies can decrease their claims costs

Discover Marsh's dynamic tool: Say goodbye to static claims data and make real-time cost savings decisions for manufacturing and automotive industries.

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Are you looking for meaningful, real time ways to decrease your company’s costs of risk? Watch this video to discover how your manufacturing & automotive peers are doing it with a dynamic tool from Marsh.

Legacy claims that hang on to your company’s balance sheet without timely intervention are a large driver of costs of risk as they linger and become grow significantly into larger claims which in turn impact your company’s bottom line and favorability with insurers. With 20% of claims driving around 80% of the total cost of risk for most companies, real time management of these expenses is critical. 

Watch the above video on how an interactive tool is helping manufacturing and auto companies discover significant savings. Then take the first step in reducing your total costs of risk by answer these 3 brief questions for your free customized cost savings projection.

Answer these 3 brief questions for a free customized cost savings projection.

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