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Oil and Gas

Marsh’s specialists have extensive experience helping upstream, midstream, and downstream companies develop solutions mitigate complex and volatile challenges.

Even as the world's largest economies transition to renewable energy sources, global demand for oil and gas remains high. Whether through the production of fuels for every form of transportation, heating for millions of homes, fuel for electricity generation supplying billions of people worldwide, or for consumer products plastics, the oil and gas sector remains foundational to many economies and industries.

Upstream and downstream oil and gas companies often operate in challenging locations with exposure to a multitude of natural hazards. Volatility in pricing and risk severity, evolving regulations, and environmental risks make day-to-day operations even more difficult.

Managing and mitigating risks in oil and gas businesses like yours remains critical. Our team of risk specialists has a deep understanding of those risks, and our knowledge, client focus, and innovative risk transfer and mitigation solutions can help you manage your risks.


Oil and gas companies have a wide range of operations and exposures. Depending on their line of business and locations, significant risks for this sector can include:

  • Natural hazards and severe weather
  • Business interruption and supply chain challenges
  • Property damage
  • Third-party liability
  • Marine transportation and cargo
  • Workforce safety issues
  • Cyber

Marsh’s Energy Practice has experienced risk specialists who can help you identify, analyze, mitigate, and transfer your specific risks and exposures.

Oil and gas companies have varying risk profiles, dependent on whether they are upstream, midstream, or downstream businesses, their operating assets, and the locations of their people and property. Insurance solutions that can help companies in this sector mitigate and transfer risks include:

  • Property
  • Business interruption
  • General liability
  • Directors and officers liability
  • Marine
  • Cyber liability
  • Environmental liability
  • Political risk

Marsh’s oil and gas risk specialists have deep experience in this sector and can bring sophisticated solutions and analytics to help businesses like yours reduce risks and remain resilient.

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