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Protecting employees and the bottom line by managing your total cost of risk webinar

This webinar will share how data and analytics can help manufacturers maximize ROI and protect employee health and safety.

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On March 8th, Marsh’s US Manufacturing & Automotive practice collaborated with ManufacturED to host a webinar “Protecting Employees and the Bottom Line by Managing Your Total Cost of Risk”. As economic pressure increases, the need for manufacturing and automotive companies to effectively manage their Total Cost of Risk (TCoR) is critical. Increasing variable loss costs such as workers compensation claims which these companies contend with, impact the bottom line, disrupts production and has a lasting effect on worker morale. 

During the 1 hour webinar, Marsh Advisory’s  Data and Analytics experts discussed how companies can proactively and strategically address these variable loss costs challenges via digital-based tools that leverage industry-leading data and generate actionable insights.  They also shared how these strategies can help manufacturing and automotive companies maximize their ROI and protect employee health and safety. 

Below is the webinar replay, as well as links to the webinar slides and our recent Manufacturers’ Safety Performance Study, which further highlights what your peers are doing to save costs and protect their employees.

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Protecting Employees and the Bottom Line by Managing Your Total Cost of Risk

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