Marsh can help manage your challenges via solutions.

Evolving consumer demands are disrupting traditional building and design models. The forces driving this evolution are dynamic, complex and markedly different from the real estate market drivers of even five years ago. In this dynamic landscape, successful real estate developers will foresee tenant demands and manage projects to deliver them with a maximum return on investment. They will create investment vehicles that keep pace with fast-moving technology, green building trends and tenant appetites, while combating the threats of market conditions, physical and cyber-attacks, and a shortage of skilled labor.

Marsh can help manage your challenges via solutions such as:

  • Project-specific risk alignment and insurance strategy
  • Construction insurance purchasing
  • Subcontractor default insurance (SDI)
  • Builders risk insurance
  • Superior analytics and client technologies (ClearSight™ & iMAP)
  • Unsurpassed property risk consulting, advisory and placement expertise
  • Dedicated industry claim advocacy
  • Environmental consulting services
  • Product specialization, innovation and thought leadership

Our expertise and solutions