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Ensuring Optimal Cyber Protection for Retailers and Food & Beverage Companies

Cyber continues to be a top risk faced by many Retail, Wholesale, Food & Beverage (RWFB) companies. From data breaches and the loss of sensitive customer information to the impact of a technology malfunction at a food manufacturing/processing operation, causing additional exposures such as business interruption and supply chain risks, cyber is an ever evolving and challenging risk to predict.

Watch New Video: Understanding the True Cost of Cyber Risk

Watch an industry highlight based on a recent 2019 Marsh Microsoft Cyber Risk Perceptions Survey which underscoress the importance of quantifying cyber risks in the industry.

This page is designed to educate companies in the retail, wholesale, food and beverage companies about their unique cyber risks and offers suggestions on how to help manage those risks.  Content will be updated regularly so be sure to check back often. Here you will find:

  • Educational tools and insights that increase your knowledge on how cyber impacts the retail, wholesale, food and beverage industries.
  • Access to Marsh’s proprietary solutions and best-in-class advisory services to help you:
    • Understand the cyber risk landscape and your cyber vulnerabilities and threats.
    • Measure your cyber exposure through customized risk quantification and modeling tools.
    • Manage your cyber risk through: Tailored insurance solutions that align with existing policies.
    • Education and coaching programs.
    • Risk mitigation and loss prevention tools.
    • Response planning and performance improvement reviews. 
Cyber Risk Concern is High for Retail, Wholesale, Food & Beverage (RWFB) companies But Confidence is Low, and Risk Management Approach Lags

Based on responses by over 150 leading Retail, Wholesale, Food & Beverage (RWFB) companies to the 2019 Marsh Microsoft Cyber Risk Perceptions Survey.

As companies embrace new technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, robotics and industrial automation, to power operations, drive efficiencies, and enhance the customer experience, this opens up new risks with significant impacts.

While innovative technologies are transforming industry business models, they are also creating new points of vulnerability for actors to access and impair critical systems, networks, and hardware. Plus, the increasing use of mobile apps and devices is driving an ever-higher volume of transactions and customer data across the internet and through retailer systems, increasing opportunities for data breach and theft.

These breaches and technology outages can disrupt critical operations and supply chains, resulting in significant revenue loss, expenses, and reputational damage. Marsh can help retail Retail, Wholesale, Food & Beverage (RWFB) companies manage the risks associated with a cyber event.