4 Ways to Get Fans Back to Stadiums Safely

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The fan experience at sporting events and stadiums has noticeably transformed after COVID-19, and organizations need to revisit ways to return fans to their seats swiftly and safely. Marsh’s latest report explains four strategies leagues and sports organizations should consider to act responsibly while maximizing the fan experience as social distancing measures ease and vaccinations increase. 

Managing the Return to A Stadium: A Winning Strategy

The COVID-19 pandemic brought fundamental changes—sports fans are eager to return to stadiums, but they have new expectations. At the same time, teams and venues are balancing requirements, consumer safety expectations, and profitability. Sports organizations should implement new strategies while asking empathetic questions to meet the needs of their supporters and take action to address this new reality.


Organizations should communicate with fans through social media, and inform fans on what to expect when returning to the stadium, like local regulations and mask-wearing rules.


Sports organizers should develop plans to diversify revenue streams and look ahead to plan for scenarios in advance. This includes contingency plans for health screening, socially distant security lines, and labor availability.


Innovative technology can be leveraged to safely return to an enhanced experience, including contactless payments and event-based apps. Tickets can also be tied to pre-screening questionnaires, and contactless tracing can be implemented to ensure safe social distancing and guiding spectators to their seats and exits. 


In asking key questions, organizations will be empathetic ones by understanding the needs of fans, providing relief funds for struggling employees, and understanding how the pandemic has affected their communities. Download this guide for more information about effective strategy in returning to stadiums while ensuring the safety of fans.


Restoring the Roar

An overview for a safe return to the stadium.

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