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Driver Safety Solutions

Driver behavior can directly affect your fleet’s operating costs, reputation, and performance. Marsh Risk Consulting (MRC), with video technology from DriveCam Inc., provides innovative solutions that can help improve your bottom line by reducing the costs associated with unsafe driving.

Fleet organizations face challenges such as driver turnover, increased expectations from shippers/carriers, rapid growth, new acquisitions, and constantly evolving regulatory changes. MRC, together with DriveCam, provides world-class driver risk management solutions, to help you reduce your total cost of risk.

Marsh Risk Consulting

MRC’s fleet safety consultants globally have a solid background in the transportation industry. They are experienced in administering safety management assessments, promoting driver intervention programs, and implementing fleet safety management controls. Our consultants can help you engineer enhancements to your current program and set goals to improve your overall fleet safety, which will help you achieve your business objectives.


DriveCam is a global driver risk management organization that helps organizations reduce claims costs, and save lives, by improving the way people drive. By combining sight and sound, expert analysis, and driver coaching, DriveCam has reduced vehicle damages, workers’ compensation, and personal injury costs by 50% in more than 500 commercial and government fleets.

The DriveCam solution enables continuous driver monitoring and exception-based video capture to identify patterns of risky driving behavior. This comprehensive program identifies, prioritizes, and corrects the causes of poor driving before they lead to a collision. A “programmatic approach” helps organizations transform their safety culture and ensure bottom-line results: preventing collisions and fraudulent claims and saving lives.

How DriveCam works

The DriveCam Video Event Recorder (VER), placed in plain sight on a vehicle’s windshield, captures video of risky driving events, such as abrupt start/stops, sudden turns, accelerations/decelerations, and collisions.

The video is uploaded, via cell, to DriveCam’s Risk Analysis Center, where trained DriveCam professionals analyze the events for fleet management to use in coaching drivers and improving driver safety. Using this analysis, MRC and DriveCam then develop effective countermeasures to eliminate the identified risks. This includes safety management training and implementation of safety campaigns based upon identified trends in behaviors.