Independent Contractor Business Training

Providing the training for new independent contractors so that they can remain a contributing participant in the fleet.

One way to retain drivers is by offering lease purchase plans to company drivers who want to go independent. While they may be experienced at operating the vehicle, they may have little knowledge of how to run a business.

Marsh can provide business training that helps a new independent contractor remain a contributing participant in your fleet. The ultimate goal is for you to retain drivers and develop solid business relationships with your independent contractors.

How the program works

First we’ll perform a diagnostic evaluation of any current programs, while gathering data to customize the training modules with specifics on compensation and operational data. 

The curriculum includes three separate modules that use a "train the trainer" approach. We’ll develop the modules and train one of your people to conduct future training sessions. The first two modules cover basic business concepts and practices, which can be taught during initial orientation. The third module is more comprehensive and is designed as a 6-hour seminar.

The curriculum also includes many real-life examples gathered from independent contractors. This creates active participation and develops a greater understanding of how to operate a business.

Sample course content

Examples of course topics include:

  • Establishing the budget process and record keeping processes.
  • Planning for the lifecycle of the business.
  • Tracking and projecting costs.
  • Managing expenses.
  • Understanding the relationship between money and miles.
  • Calculating “break-even” points and profitability.