Marsh at RIMS 2022

Session guide

Marsh-hosted sessions at RIMS 2022

The session guide includes a day-by-day listing of Marsh speakers and panels at RIMS. While we will continue to update as changes occur, please note, last-minute changes to the schedule may occur.

Monday, April 11, 2022

How Is AI Going to Disrupt Commercial Insurance?

12:30 pm – 12:50 pm PST | Innovation Hub

Sandip Chatterjee
Managing Director - Analytics Delivery & Data - Marsh Advisory, Marsh

Contemplate the possibilities and potential disruption of harnessing insight from public and client data assets using artificial intelligence (AI). Determine how this could help quantify commercial risks with a level of precision and accuracy not seen before. Study real examples of how AI is being used to create and enhance data assets for quantifying risks and how you can leverage these tools for your organization.

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DE&I in 2022: Have We Moved the Needle?

1:30 pm – 2:30 pm PST | Room 205

Pat Donnelly
President, US & Canada, Marsh

Tamara Franklin
Chief Digital, Data & Analytics Officer, Marsh

Aliyah Abdullah
Assistant Risk Management Coordinator at PURMA, University of Hartford

Tara Lessard-Webb
Governance Director, Intact Insurance

Kevin Bryant
National Practice Leader, Marsh

Living under the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic for several years has upended where and how we work as well as career advancement opportunities and fulfilment. And this happened at a point in time when commitments were being made across industry sectors, including insurance and risk management, to further diversity, equity, and inclusion. Join Marsh, RIMS, the Spencer Educational Foundation, and other risk management leaders for this kick-off session to the RIMS RISKWORLD 2022 DE&I track. We’ll have a frank discussion about the DE&I risks and opportunities facing our industry today in the wake of the pandemic, engage in conversation about the experiences and expectations of DE&I populations, and explore how we can secure the insurance and risk management profession as a career of choice for future generations.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

DE&I in 2022: Building Resilience Through Diversity and Inclusion

9:30 am – 10:30 am PST | Room 205

Patti Steis
Managing Director, Global Engagement Partner, Marsh

Devyn Cegelski
Senior ERM Manager, Zillow Group, Inc.

Twane Duckworth
Managing Director, Risk Management, City of Garland

Recent studies, including 2021’s Marsh-RIMS Excellence in Risk Management report, have concluded that the lack of diversity and inclusion within an organization is an enterprise risk. And in our rapidly changing and uncertain environment, you need a range of people around the table offering new ideas that challenge the status quo, as yesterday’s solutions may not be the answer to today’s problems. During this session, we’ll discuss the importance of linking diversity and inclusion efforts to your risk, resilience, and business strategies. How can organizations be more intentional in building diverse and inclusive environments, developing questioning mindsets, and creating safe spaces where employees can speak up without fear of reprisal? What are the risks if they do not? We’ll explore these issues and some real-world examples of how diversity and inclusion efforts have improved decision making and led to better business results in our complex world.

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Emerging Risk Solutions for M&A Transactional Liability Insurance, Legal and Regulatory

11 am - 12 pm PST | Room 211

Toria Lessman
SVP, Underwriting Leader, Transactional Liability, QBE

Jodi Rosensaft
Managing Director, Transactional Risk Practice, Marsh

Anna Geml
Partner, Kirkland & Ellis LLP

Lori Seidenberg
Global Director Real Assets Insurance Risk Management, BlackRock Inc.

Buyers and sellers today must consider the heightened risk that affects their mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions. Be prepared to assist your organization as M&A activity increases. Discuss the market-shaping emerging risks, such as the economic uncertainty wrought by the pandemic and the potential for significant tax and regulatory changes. Familiarize yourself with the nuances to consider when seeking coverage for M&A. Learn how transactional liability insurance products, such as representations and warranties insurance, can help smooth negotiations and close deals. But also ready yourself for greater selectivity amongst the few carriers that offer this insurance and their call for greater due diligence as insured demand increases. Position your organization—whether it is the buyer or seller—for optimal insurance coverage negotiations. Hosted by RIMS New York Chapter.

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Excellence in Risk Management

11 am - 12 pm PST | Room 207

Reid Sawyer
Managing Director & Head, Emerging, Risks Group, Marsh Advisory

Carolina Klint
Risk Management Leader, Continental Europe, Marsh LLC

Soraya Wright
Vice President Strategic Initiatives, RIMS

Recent events – including the pandemic, accelerated digitization and the birth of the metaverse, intensified natural catastrophes and global supply chain disruptions – are fundamentally changing how risk is perceived and managed. Understanding these trending and emerging risks – and how approaches to their management are diverging or converging – is vital to risk managers’ ability to drive strategic conversations within their organizations. Using the Global Risks Report 2022 as a starting point, we’ll explore issues such as cybersecurity, climate change, workforce transformation and space risk and the successes and pitfalls to be faced managing these key global risks. Join the discussion to learn how these risks relate to overall business strategy and resilience and how you can achieve excellence in risk management in your own organization.This session is hosted by RIMS and Marsh.

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India: Advancing Towards Resilience

2:30 pm - 2:50 pm PST | Global Studio

Sanjay Kedia
Country Head & CEO, Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc.

Take in an overview of India’s dynamic corporate risk landscape, the efforts Indian organizations have made to pivot towards developing resilience and how far organizations have come in this journey. Examine the key long- and short-term risks for organizations in India. Investigate the extent to which Indian businesses have implemented lessons learned from COVID-19. Leverage the findings of the Marsh/RIMS Excellence in Risk Management India 2021 survey to explore these and other topics.

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DIY Risk Management Data Exploration: From Excel to Illustrator

3 pm - 3:20 pm PST | Innovation Hub

Bryce Chamberlain
Sr. Actuarial Consultant, Oliver Wyman Actuarial Consulting

Exploring data does not have to be difficult and time consuming. Just pick the right tool for the job and know how to use it to find insights faster. Familiarize yourself with tools commonly used for data exploration—Excel, Power BI, OpenRefine, R Markdown/Shiny and Adobe Illustrator. Identify unique features and differentiators and determine when each tool should be used. Learn how to streamline your data exploration and get more value from that data.

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Cyber Resilience: Aligning Risk Management and the Enterprise in the Face of Global Cyber Threats  

3 pm - 4 pm PST | Room 205

Meredith Schnur
Cyber Brokerage Leader, Cyber Practice, US and Canada, Marsh  

Katherine Keefe
Cyber Incident Management Leader, US and Canada, Marsh

Laura Meade
Director, Risk Management, Telephone and Data Systems, Inc.

As global cyber threat levels continue to rise and evolve for companies and the vendors and suppliers they rely on, so does the role of risk managers in aligning their organizations on potential cyber risks, risk management approaches, and available resources to guide an enterprise-wide cyber resilience journey. During this session, insurance coverage and cybersecurity service experts will provide actionable insights and guidance to help risk managers prepare for, and lead, conversations with key internal cyber influencers and decision makers. We’ll discuss a number of ‘How to’ topics such as: How to reduce insurance coverage uncertainty and ambiguity, and maximize the value of current (and future) cyber-related products and/or programs; how to make rehearsals a leading part of an organization’s preparation; how to make sure the ‘best for you’ cybersecurity team and vendors are in place to manage an incident; and how to mitigate any potential legal issues due to premature speculation about the nature or origin of a potential incident. Attendees also will learn from a risk manager peer some best practices to use when implementing the insights learned into action. 

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Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Demonstrating the Real Return on Investment of Political Risk Insurance

9:30 am – 10:30 am PST | Room 205

Stephen Kay
Managing Director, Infrastructure BD Leader, Marsh Credit Specialties

Gayle Jacobs
Senior Vice President, Political Risk & Structured Credit, Marsh Credit Specialties

Bryan Dorner
Manager - Affinity Insurance Programs, Deere & Company

Nick Thompson
Senior Analyst, Risk Management, Deere & Company

Master the elusive ability to measure political risk insurance’s (PRI) financial benefits and banish fears of unjustifiable and expensive upfront PRI costs. Study a new financial framework, based on research commissioned by Marsh and performed by S&P Global, that can help you quantitatively evaluate PRI’s impact. See how PRI reduces the country risk premium (CRP) in project valuations, supports and enhances overseas investment values for corporate assets and increases the rate of return for insured investments and projects. Discover how you can translate these benefits for your organization to support and elevate rational PRI decision making with facts and figures.

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DE&I in 2022: Building a Sense of Equity and Belonging

11 am – 12 pm PST | Room 205

Moreland Murray
Vice President, Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer, Marsh McLennan

Patti Steis
Managing Director, Global Engagement Partner, Marsh

Kristina Colbert
Senior Risk Manager, Global Risk Management, Cisco Systems, Inc

Debbie Marshall
Sr. Director of Risk Management, Target

Zane Smith
GammaSAID DEI Council, Board Member, St. Mary's University

You’re part of or recently joined a company committed to diversity and inclusion. But what’s its stance on equity and belonging? Are you engaged in relevant and impactful work and seeing opportunities for advancement? Are you able to flourish and make your voice heard, especially if you are working in a full or part-time remote environment? Join experts from Marsh and Mercer, along with risk managers, to discuss approaches organizations can take to building a strong sense of equity and belonging. We’ll look at data from recent studies about the experience of women, black, and other diverse employees in the US workforce over the past several years and consider some game-changing initiatives companies can take to promote equity and belonging in the workplace.

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The Board’s GPS: Leveraging ERM as Your Path to the Boardroom Strategic and Enterprise Risk Management

11 am - 12 pm PST | Room 209

Lisa Kremer
SVP, US Practice Leader, Strategic Risk Consulting Practice, Consulting Solutions, Marsh Advisory, Marsh

Michael Yip
SVP, Strategic Risk Consulting Practice, Consulting Solutions, Marsh Advisory, Marsh

Christy Kaufman
VP Risk Management, Zillow Group, Inc.

Leverage the power of enterprise risk management (ERM) to enhance your value to the organization. Explore the merits of utilizing ERM initiatives to help guide your board to satisfy corporate governance accountability. Hear from a panel of award-winning ERM experts—representing both consultative thought leadership and corporate risk management—about personal accounts, case studies and true ERM stories. See how ERM and board alignment has evolved and converged and how the roles have competed with and complemented one another on the road to organizational resilience. Enable your board with an ERM GPS system that can help guide it through the maze of risk factors your organization faces.

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