Risk in Context Podcast: Managing 2021’s Hurricane and Tropical Storm Activity

Palm trees blowing in the wind and rain as a hurricane approaches a tropical island coastline

Keep an eye on the storms: 2021 mid-season hurricane and tropical storm update

Substantial storm activity in recent weeks has had significant impacts on businesses with interests along the Eastern Seaboard and Gulf Coast. These organizations must now manage losses and claims while preparing for more potential activity before the end of hurricane season.

This special episode of Marsh’s Risk in Context podcast features Bill Liebler, Rob Gall, and Ray Hutnik on the losses we’ve seen to date, how businesses can navigate the claims process, and what organizations can do to mitigate additional losses in 2021.

Key takeaways:

  • Hurricane Ida and other recent storms have already prompted a number of property insurance claims, but risk professionals should be thinking holistically and considering claims for other lines, including general liability, auto liability, environmental, and marine.
  • From policy review to payment, effectively managing their claims will require risk professionals to work with insurers and a range of specialists to complete a rigorous and detailed process.
  • Even as they address the effects of storms to date, risk professionals should be thinking ahead to future storms by drilling insurance policies and reviewing plans that govern crisis management, business continuity, and more.

About our speakers

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William F Liebler

US Chief Claims Officer & Managing Director, Claims Solutions

William Liebler is Marsh’s US Chief Claims Officer. In this role, he helps to shape internal claims processes and expand service offerings for Marsh clients with an eye toward reducing their cost of risk. Since joining Marsh in 2003, Bill has held a number of leadership roles. He previously serviced in a leadership role at Travelers Insurance.

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Robert Gall

US Chief Property Claims Officer

Robert Gall is the US Chief Property Claims Officer at Marsh. In more than two decades at Marsh, he has worked with clients around the world to resolve a number of complex property damage and businesses interruption claims. Before joining Marsh, Rob held various management positions within the claims and underwriting departments at Arkwright and Factory Mutual, later known jointly as FM Global.

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Raymond Hutnik

Marsh’s Financial Advisory Services (FAS) Leader

Raymond Hutnik is Marsh’s Financial Advisory Services (FAS) Leader for North America. He focuses his practice on providing forensic accounting services in the measurement of damages, valuations, and financial investigations, both in the US and internationally. He has supervised numerous financial investigations across a range of industries. Ray has also provided deposition and expert witness testimony services on various matters related to financial damages measurement and valuation.