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Case Study: Streamlined Solution Improves Insurance Verification for 7-Eleven Franchisors


7-Eleven, Inc., a leading retailer in the convenience store industry, sought a solution to simplify insurance verification and eliminate the administrative burden of managing this process of their Franchisee community.

In the past, managing Franchisees’ insurance compliance was a time-consuming undertaking for the organization. A majority of the process was manual, which left the organization exposed to potential insurance coverage gaps.

Marsh Affinity stepped in to implement a streamlined digital solution to enhance insurance verification for 7-Eleven. The robust capabilities of this solution allowed the franchisor the ability to manage the process more quickly and efficiently.

Since launching the program in November 2020, not only have Franchisees saved countless hours with the insurance verification process, Marsh has also helped improve their bottom-lines with commitments to improve 3 key areas:

  • Streamlined Compliance Management
  • Competitive Pricing and Terms
  • Dedicated Servicing

“For over 40 years, Marsh has been helping franchisors manage their franchisee insurance programs,” said Kathy Laabs, Marsh’s Senior Vice President of Business Development. “We are pleased to implement a digital solution that simplifies the insurance verification process and delivers competitive insurance solutions to franchisees.”

In addition, Marsh utilized its proprietary cloud-based digital platform, Bluestream™, to provide 7-Eleven Franchisees a simplified and seamless insurance buying process. Bluestream has robust capabilities, which includes quoting, binding, issuance and servicing. Our API-powered technology makes buying insurance online frictionless and efficient.