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Utilizing collateral solutions to manage the impacts of economic inflation

Learn how alternatives to traditional insurance collateral instruments can help you maximize access to liquidity and combat the effects of inflation.

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From higher labor and production costs to the increased cost of capital, inflation is eroding your bottom line. As you consider ways to combat the effects of inflation on your company, it's important to examine strategies that can release capital for reallocation to more pressing business demands.

join us on Monday, October 16 at 1:30 pm eastern time for Utilizing Collateral Solutions to Manage the Impacts of Economic Inflation, a webcast hosted by Marsh's Casualty Practice. Our panel of specialists will:

  • Discuss the effects of inflation on your risk management and insurance costs
  • Consider the potential effects of collateral for your business
  • Explore alternatives to traditional insurance collateral instruments to maximize access to liquidity
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Our presenters

Carrick Bligh

Carrick Bligh

Senior Vice President, US Surety Practice

Carrick leads Marsh’s domestic Bank Fronted Surety initiative. He is responsible for adapting international bank surety applications to the US and Canadian surety markets and for aiding the domestic surety team in various commercial surety applications.

Allison Fogarty

Allison Fogarty

Senior Vice President, US Casualty Practice

As a senior casualty advisor, Allison is responsible for working with clients to develop and implement risk management strategies. This includes exposure analysis, program design, risk mitigation plans, and strategic service planning which support her clients’ business goals and objectives.

Stephen Roseman

Stephen Roseman

Chairman and CEO, 1970 Group

Stephen Roseman is Chairman, CEO, and co-founder of the 1970 Group. He has 25 years of securities, investment management, and insurance industry experience. Previously, Stephen held leadership positions at Calamos Advisors, Thesis Capital Group, Kern Capital Management, Oppenheimer Funds, and SPY Optic.

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